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Welcome to Global Cities Projects - USA

Global Cities Management is bringing Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) Investment Exchanges, plus an International Trading System to 15 major U.S. cities.  These fifteen cities where preselected during the first Global Cities Project held in the 1990s. They will also serve as the HUB for alternative investments, advanced business systems, international trading and early stage franchising. Global Cities Management Partnerships oversee management and the implementation of the private sector infrastructure that’s being established in the selected city. Private Equity Capital Centers are used to provide new and existing business owners with access to equity and venture capital. A branch of the Private Equity Capital Center will be made available to potential franchisees that want to operate independent franchise outlets. These centers will be located in local communities throughout the United States and ultimately the world.


Private Equity Capital        Center

The Private Equity Capital Center includes virtual business formation and development incubators, where the start and grow business ventures, These Independent franchise centers will be located in Global Cities with with private sector infrastructures established throughout  the United States and ultimately the world. These centers will be change of the way small businesses start and grow More…
Global City Management Partnerships

Global Cities Management provides selected cities with a private sector business infrastructure that connect to small and medium size enterprise  owners  who are seeking equity & venture capital. The Government doesn’t directly get involve in private equity investing; therefore, it is up to the small business owners and other that live in cities to establish and manage their own business, trade and investment systems. More…


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