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Global Cities Enrollment

Global Cities Management is selecting cities with leaders that want to conduct business & trade in the new global marketplace. When their city is activated, the leadership will encourage Small & Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) to participate in Advance Business, Equity Investments, International Trade and Real Estate Development and ownership. The enrollment of a city is usually initiated by business owners, individuals, investment groups and/or private investors that want to conduct business using the Equity Capital Access Network. The first enrollee must contribute a minimum of $500 in the form of a Business Formation Grant that can be used to help build the private sector infrastructure for the city. The enrollment of a city is not the same as activating a city. Enrollment is simply the recognition of a city for possible membership in a Global City Project.


Following are steps to enrollment of a city:

The first step, in the enrollment process is to determine the size of the current population. The second step, the city must provide a City Proclamation recognizing the annual Global Business Week. The third step is to provide the best picture of their city’s skyline, if available. There is no direct charge to a city to be designated as a Global City that is building a private sector infrastructure; however, they can produce special videos to highlight the city’s best features, so we can post it on the Global Cities Website.


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