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Global Business Week

Global Cities Inc., (GCI) is an African American inspired Urban Trading Bloc that was established more than 21 years ago, by connecting 15 major U.S. Cities with large African American communities. Today, the African American Community buying power is $1.1 trillion dollars. If it was a separate economy, with its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) it would be the 14th largest economy in the world. Our goal is to double the amount of domestic  & foreign  cities  added to the Global Cities Urban Trading Bloc annually.


The first Global Business Week was declared to celebrate the African American Business connection to the new global marketplace in the 1990s. The original cities include: Baltimore, MD., Washington, DC., New 0rleans, LA., New York, NY., Los Angles, CA., San Diego, CA., Indianapolis, IN., Seattle, WA.,  Dallas, TX., Philadelphia, PA., Milwaukee, WI., Chicago, IL., Nashville, TN., St Louis, MO., Houston, TX., Atlanta, GA., Miami, FL., Cleveland, OH., and Detroit, MI., Settle WA,, was added in 2001.


Each enrolled city is allowed to host their own special events including: economic empowerment conferences, seminars, workshops, business exhibits, public speaking & lectures at educational institutes and entrepreneurial focused training schools. Similarly other public & private organizations use this week to sponsor leadership forums for young entrepreneurs. Other public and private organizations are invited to participate by hosting & sponsoring special events and other activities during the Global Business Week. more….


Proclamations from previous events are available upon request.


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